Luke Walters 

Founder & Senior Lead Missionary

As a young man that had a radical conversion to Christ, Luke has never ceased to passionately follow Christ. He has been a part of the same local church & submitted to the same pastor for 30+ years. He married his beautiful wife, Sandy, & still calls her his girlfriend. Together, they have four kids & two grandkids. Luke is also trying to fulfill his dream to train his black lab, “Lady Baby” to be his hunting dog. He likes hunting, coleslaw, football, & making Sandy happy.


Andy Walt

Creative Director

Andy is all about the Answer of Jesus and the Solution of the Local Church. He has lived in India, Sri Lanka, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, & now lives in Texas. Andy likes all things nerdy, football, traveling, and especially sharing great preaching and great food with the world. Follow his blog at andywalt.com