What is the 1040 Window?

The 1040 window is simply a geographical term. Defined as 10 degrees above the equator and 40 degrees above the equator.

Starting from West Africa thru North Africa into the Middle East, the majority of these nations are Muslim. The 1 billion people of India reside in a land mass the size of the United States, composed of both Hindu and Buddhism. China represents the majority of the non-religious of the 1040 Window.

The People of the 1040 Window

Residing within the 1040 Window are an astounding 2/3rd of the entire Earth's population. Muslim, Hindu, & Buddhism are the dominant religions of the area. 8/10 of the poorest people in the world are from the 1040 Window.

The need

With only 0.5% of every dollar given to missions going to the 1040 Window, it is the least invested in by Christians. Of all missionary activity in the world, only 10% of that activity is directed towards the 1040 Window. 

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