To Boldly go


The heart of MAP 1040 is to go and send. We go to many countries, some open for travel and some not, helping people and giving hope to one and all. We exist to be the point of contact for help and hope in the 1040 Window.


In the early 1990’s, Luke would meet with his best friend, Brent Hornsby, for weekly prayer. In Brent's office, there was a 12x12 map of the world. Many times, lunch would be pushed away and they would join together in agreement that their lives would impact the nations of the world.

In 1995, Brent was stricken with cancer. His final request to Luke was to fulfill both of their destinies by going to the nations of the world as a witness for Christ.

"MAP 1040" is simply an acronym for "Missions Affecting People in the 1040 Window" born from Luke & Brent’s love for maps that represent the people of the world.

We have worked with underground church planting in nations that we have to be discreet about in all three of the largest unreached religious groups: Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindus.

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